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Spring Vehicle Maintenance Checklist:
Summer is Just Around the Corner - Be Prepared!

Inspect your windshield wipers. The chilly temperatures of winter may cause the rubber blades to lose their effectiveness.

Check the condition and level of your oil. If it's been over 3,000 miles since your last oil change, it's probably best just to do oil and lube. The searing heat caused by summer driving is unkind to motor oils. If you live in a mild climate or will be towing a trailer, higher viscosity oil might be necessary.

Evaluate your battery. Did you know that summer can actually be tougher on your battery than winter? We offer a Courtesy Charging System test on every vehicle and can replace it if needed.

See if your engine needs more coolant, and check its condition, too. You may need to add coolant or have a flush performed. Trying to make it through summer with inadequate coolant is a recipe for a vehicle breakdown.

Speaking of keeping cool, test your air conditioning system. If it's not providing enough cool air, you may need more refrigerant. Or, you might have a clogged condenser, leak, or loose drive belt. Regardless, it's smart to fix this situation in spring before the peak heat of summer arrives.

Check your tire pressure. Wide temperature variations are common with changes of season and can cause your tires to lose pressure more quickly. Under-inflated tires don't perform as well as properly inflated tires. Also, be sure to rotate your tires according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Monitor the tread on your tires. If they look worn, replace your tires before the heavy rains and reduced traction of summer comes along.

Determine if you need to replace any belts or hoses. Look for cracks, swelling, fraying or leakage. If something looks border line, you should replace the belt or hose because summer's heat and humidity will likely cause it to fail.

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