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Signs That Your Car Needs a Change Oil Service

April 24, 2023

Many drivers rely solely on mileage to gauge when they need a change oil service. In Ellicott City, MD, and many other cities, other factors also come into play, such as the oil quality, the car’s age, and how the vehicle is usually driven.

In terms of oil quality, fresh, clean oil improves your auto’s performance because it lubricates the car parts and keeps the engine healthy. However, the fluid eventually breaks down, making it hard for your car’s components to perform their duties. Once this begins, your vehicle will likely exhibit at least one of the following overdue oil change symptoms:

  • Knocking Sound From the Engine – Oil makes the engine run smoothly. However, as oil gets old or thin, the engine makes a knocking sound while the car moves.
  • Irregular Oil Texture – As the oil moves through the engine, it gathers grime particles and turns darker. It produces dirty oil on the dipstick, a sign that you need to change the oil.
  • Low Oil Level – One benefit of an oil change is that it saves the engine from damage. We highly recommend you get your vehicle serviced as soon as you notice a low oil level.
  • Glowing Warning Light – The glowing “check engine” light is a sign to get the oil changed because your vehicle’s oil may not be in good condition.
  • Exhaust Smoke – Smoke from your car’s exhaust pipe means that the oil has become unfit for your engine. A routine oil change can solve the problem.

Whenever you want to schedule an oil change in Ellicott City, MD, go to Neubauer’s Auto Repair. Our experienced auto mechanics are ready to serve you.



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