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Auto Emissions Repair in Ellicott City, MD

Emissions from cars and other vehicles cause air pollution. With the help of a vehicle’s emissions system, we can help lessen the number of toxic gases emitted into the atmosphere, thus improving air quality. The engine also runs silently and efficiently, thanks to the system.

For those having issues with their emissions system, turn to Neubauer’s Auto Repair to have it inspected and fixed. Our well-trained technicians perform auto emissions repair in Ellicott City, MD.

Signs of a Malfunctioning Emission System

Vehicle Warning Lights

This could indicate several things, such as the need for repairs on the emissions control sensor, hose leaks, or pressure loss in an emissions system component.

Reduced Fuel Economy

You can notice a considerable decrease in fuel efficiency if there is an emissions issue with parts like the fuel tank, carburetor, catalytic converter, muffler, or exhaust manifolds.

Strange Sounds and Smell

Engine knocks, vibrations, or unpleasant smells can all be signs of emission problems. You shouldn’t wait too long to have your car checked out by a qualified mechanic if you ever notice a powerful smell of gasoline or exhaust fumes.

Loss in Engine Performance

Your engine’s performance may be affected by issues with the exhaust system and emissions. You should get it thoroughly inspected if it is sputtering, losing power, or otherwise not operating as it usually does.

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